Our Lymington Gin has been awarded the prestigious Hampshire Life Drinks Product of the Year award in 2016.

The gin is made in Sarah – our 500 litre column still made by Barison in Italy.


We also distil our Rye and our Rum in Sarah and we then use a combination of careful brewing and modern scientific aging techniques to accelerate the process from raw ingredients to beautiful spirits…..see our blog.

For more information on our range of spirits, please visit our online shop.

5 thoughts on “Spirits

    1. Kevin
      There’s a link on the website to ‘Tours’ which takes you to the Eventbrite booking site where all available tours are shown. We usually run a tour on Wednesday and Friday evenings from 6.30pm – 8.30pm but they have to be pre-booked via Eventbrite.


  1. Debbie Joyce

    What botanicals do you use in your gin please? I bought a 50cl bottle from Setley Ridge Farm Shop yesterday. They said you recommend pink peppercorns and basil with it; unfortunately I didn’t have any of those but it’s very, very good with Fever Tree tonic water.



    1. Debbie Joyce

      Apologies; I’ve just remembered it’s pink peppercorns and lime with the Lymington gin! Basil was to add to one of the others!



      1. In the Lymington Gin, we use Juniper, Coriander Seeds, Angelica (root and seeds), Cardamom, Orris Root, Sweet Orange Peel, Sweet Almond, Rowan Berries, Nutmeg and East Boldre Blueberries – it works well with lime and pink peppercorns but it is also good with pink grapefruit, a slice of orange or lime and blueberries…..the basil goes with the pomegranate seeds in our New Forest oak aged gin…..so glad that you enjoyed it anyway!


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