The Spirit of the New Forest

Welcome to the online home of the Dancing Cows Distillery.

We make small-batch artisan spirits using locally sourced grains, fruits and botanicals here in The New Forest. There’s always something exciting on the horizon so please subscribe to our newsletter to get all the latest news.


You can see our range of award-winning drinks at our online shop and, through our new friends at UPS, we’ve been able to cut the carriage cost this Christmas!

We are rather proud of our food and drink in The New Forest – we have a unique environment with stunning wildlife, beautiful scenery, dramatic coastlines and adventures around every corner…..and we also have an amazing group of obsessive fanatics making all sorts of quirky stuff from the bounty that surrounds us – they’ve even made a video to tell the world!


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45 thoughts on “The Spirit of the New Forest

  1. steve reynolds

    bought one of your beers at the market yesterday, i am very impressed .. i will tell all my beer drinking friends.. could you please email me a price list on all beverages


  2. Dan Rowell

    Your dancing cows Lymington gin is by far one of the best gins I have ever tasted. I bought it from Lyndhurst the other day. I wish I lived closer so I could get hold of it more easily. It shall replace the water in my diet!!!


    1. Dan
      Thanks for your feedback – it’s great to know that you enjoyed it so much. We are hoping to start selling our spirits a bit further afield in the next month or two so if you know of any potential outlets near you then please put in a good word for us….and let us know who they are so we can approach them!


  3. Russell

    Enjoyed drinking Pony at The Monkey House a while back – Wonderful Drinkable Ale!

    Can I fill my keg (4 pints) directly from your Brewery? What cost?

    I live in Sway.


    Kind Regards



  4. Steen

    Delicious. On April 30, I (old man with young Japanese daughter) bought a pack of pale ale and IPA from you at your stall in Lymington. Tastes even better than the samples. Distinctive. Different from other brewers’ ales.
    I hope you will be successful: you deserve to be.


  5. Kay

    Bought your gin yesterday from you, it’s gorgeous. Such complex flavours, and smooth. We did a taste test with my favourite brand & yours won hands down – 3 votes to 0.


  6. Peter Taylor

    Just had a wonderful meal at ‘The Elderflower’ in Lymington, accompanied by a couple of bottles of your equally wonderful American IPA, just got back to Wokingham to search for your beer if it’s sold locally to me, is it? Would love to get some more.


    1. Leah
      Yes – we run regular tours. There is a link to the booking system on the website. If you would rather email a voucher for a tour booking then let me know and we can sort something out.


  7. kait houching

    I am most definitely going to buy some of this!!!!….great reviews. ..,i am from milford on sea, where is the nearest place that i can purchase this Gin?..


  8. Alexa Rickman

    I am a lover of gin and have been for some time. So my loverly husband got me a bottle of yours for my crimbo pressie. Have to say im only just trying it as havnt had the time. But YUMMMMMMMY 🤗. Very very nice. Shall be stocking up.
    And the bottles are so cute.


  9. SUSAN Tunley

    We have just seen you on the telly! Its brilliant to see you still brewing, and Alice is very interested to try your gin! Will have to come and have a nosey as we are also now in the south west, Cirencester. Hope your well and Ben is doing well.
    Best Wishes
    The Tunleys – former residents of Bashall Barn


  10. Raj Lad

    Tried your Rye Pale ale at the Pig restaurant Brockenhurts and loved it, a great flavour, ended up buying a case online. Will be back for more..


  11. Salvatore Damiano

    To Whom may concern

    I am Salvatore Damiano WSET student and need your help !!
    Back in January I was awarded with a WSET scholarship and they help me to finance a trip in any spirit region in the world and I decided to focus on the South West of England especially in Gin !! Is it possible to visit your prestigious distillery by the 6 th of May or inbetween the 8th and the 10 th of May?

    Looking forward for your response

    Salvatore Damiano


  12. Salvatore Damiano

    Dear Richard

    Many thanks to having me last Thursday . I was well impressed of your facilities and what you do . You are a pioneer of the great movement of modern Distilation and production in the south west and your passion for your ingredients are well expressd and delivered in your prouducts . Missed yo ask : where the your juniper coming from ? Many others using Croatian or Macedonian !!

    Once again it has been a pleasure and we will catch up shortly !!

    Salvatore Damiano


  13. Jessica Letts

    my dad recently visited and loved the stout you make which they were selling in the pub. What shops can I buy this from please?


  14. Ian

    Label symbol.

    Hi. Can you tell me what the symbol, inverted S, on the lymington gin represents? Guessing something to do with Solent? Thank you.


    1. It is all about twisting everything around – we use traditional (sometimes ancient) methods and add in modern scientific techniques to achieve new ways of doing things. The twisted ‘S’ is partly because we are based at Sadlers Farm and also because the twisted ‘S’ makes a D on top of a C for Dancing Cows.


  15. Eric Markstrum

    We’re in Chichester for a night and then headed back to London for a few days. I’m always on the lookout for something interesting to drink, and I’m hoping there is somewhere East of, or in Southhampton that stocks your Rum. Any suggestions of where I might stick my nose in?


  16. Lyn Varrow

    Wow! I tried your apple vodka and Hopkins rum at Setley Ridge a couple of weeks ago. I bought a miniature of rum for my daughter and son-in-law, they said it’s the best rum they have ever had. I know what I’ll be getting them for their wedding anniversary.
    I bought myself the apple vodka – great over ice on a hot evening. I may have to place an order. Would love to try your ales as well. Keep up the good work


  17. H armani

    I booked a tour for four of us which included my dad and his other half who are love gin. The tour was brilliant, it was impressive to see how it’s made and the history behind it all it’s really interesting.


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