A new programme of tours to the end of June is now in place – we’ll be running an evening tour on Wednesdays (6.30pm – 8pm) and a Saturday lunchtime tour (11am – 12.30pm).

On the tour, you will discover how we make our spirits and there will be lots of sampling as Richard takes you on a humorous journey through the history of alcohol from 6000BC to the present day.

This year we are adding in a chance to see our baby still in action and everyone gets to sample a totally unique gin made during the session.

You can also take the opportunity to stock up on spirits with the added bonus of a 10% discount for tour visitors.

Tickets can be booked via Eventbrite – PLEASE BOOK HERE

We offer a gift voucher scheme for our tours. Order vouchers through our online shop and we will email you a gift voucher with a discount code for the lucky recipient of your generosity to enter when they book the tour of their choice.

“Fascinating tour – and great gin!”

“Myself and two friends enjoyed a splendid evening tour of the Dancing Cows distillery last night. The owner was so knowledgeable and gave an amusing talk about Gin, American IPA, Rye, Vodka and many other drinks. We had plenty of refreshment, but did manage to leave without tripping over the doorstep. Thank you for a great evening out….we will be back in the Autumn.”

Small still