Dancing Cows Foreign Extra Stout – it is on it’s way!

Although the August bank holiday is still to come, there are already signs that Autumn is on its way. The sun no longer wakes me up at 5am and there are few birds singing when the alarm goes off; trees are starting to shed a few leaves, Rowan berries are ripening¬†and the sloes are gettingContinue reading “Dancing Cows Foreign Extra Stout – it is on it’s way!”

Lighthouse – the development of a new beer

I’ve been brewing commercially for twelve years now and I couldn’t begin to count how many times I’ve told people how much there is to learn about brewing. Even after thousands of brews and many more¬†thousands of hours spent getting beer from grain to glass, I am still discovering layer upon layer of complexity inContinue reading “Lighthouse – the development of a new beer”