Five Valentines Day Factoids

Eros or Anteros – that is the question? Most people know that the statue in London’s Piccadilly Circus is of Eros with his bow and arrow. Wrong! The figure actually depicts Anteros the god of selfless, fulfilled love rather than his more frivolous sibling who looked after the passion and desire side of things. TheContinue reading “Five Valentines Day Factoids”

Dancing Cows Porter – Try January Free Beer!

On Saturday 14th January, why not come and try our 6.5% Porter for free down at the distillery and brewhouse at Sadlers Farm on Lower Pennington Lane (SO41 8AL and look for the twisted S sign)? We’re open from 10am until about 7pm. We’re countering ‘Dry January’ with ‘Try January’ – reduce your intake byContinue reading “Dancing Cows Porter – Try January Free Beer!”

Distillery tours – bookings now being taken for New Forest Food Festival Tours

We have a range of evening and weekend tours planned for the New Forest Food Festival week (see Eventbrite) and bookings are now being taken. The tours will run on Tuesday 1st, Friday 4th and Saturday 5th November and places are limited to 15 per tour. There will be tastings of our products and aContinue reading “Distillery tours – bookings now being taken for New Forest Food Festival Tours”

Dancing Cows – New Forest Oak-Aged Gin review

Felicity Murray – the Editor of the influential Drinks Report has just reviewed our oak aged gin: “I enjoyed it with tonic and lime because it has all the essential aromas and flavours of a traditional London Dry style gin but with a subtle added edge of vanilla. It has smoothness yet is clean andContinue reading “Dancing Cows – New Forest Oak-Aged Gin review”

Whisky by any other name would smell as sweet – accelerated aging of spirits

Although we’ve voted to leave the EU, we are still governed by its rules and regulations and, I suspect that we will be for some time to come as most of the legislation will be transferred across en bloc to allow the bureaucrats time to unpick things piece-by-piece. In the meantime, whisky (and whiskey) can only beContinue reading “Whisky by any other name would smell as sweet – accelerated aging of spirits”