New Tour Format for 2019

Small still

We’ve started a new format for the tours to freshen things up this year and ran the first one on Friday 28th December. We’re going to make a unique bottle of gin each time using different botanicals so that everyone can sample something a little different.

During the distillation, everyone can sample the various sections of the run and then we’ll blend and cut the gin prior to a final sampling of the finished product.

The first session went pretty well with a gin made with sweet orange and hibiscus petals alongside the juniper and coriander seeds – it produced a floral, light and fruity gin that we may well be making again!

The next tours are on Friday 11th and Friday 18th January. To book a tour – please visit TOURS

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2 thoughts on “New Tour Format for 2019

  1. We booked a Dancing Cows tour as a birthday treat in January. On arrival (5 minutes before the ‘start’ time of the tour) we were asked to wait outside. After 40 minutes we were told there was a problem and asked to come back the following evening. We were now stuck. There is only patchy mobile signal at the farm so we struggled to call a taxi and, when we got through, they did not have a large enough vehicle for 5 passengers. Eventually we texted one of our husbands who came and squashed 6 in his car to get us out of the cold. We already had plans the next evening so did not return. Since then, we have contacted them several times to ask for a refund but, despite ‘promises’ have received nothing.


    1. Jenny
      I apologise profusely for your awful experience – I’ve been in and out of hospital in recent weeks and will obviously sort this out as quickly as possible. I hope that you will accept a free tour at some point – if you email me with a date that suits, I can discuss setting up a special evening tour for your group.


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