Mad Cow August

There’s lots going on in August for Dancing Cows:

Cowes Week – 29th July – 5th August – Lymington Gin making a debut at the Gin Bar at the splendid Northwood House in Cowes. Every Week is Dancing Cows Week but there is only one Dancing Cowes Week each year 😉

Lymington Seafood Festival – 12th/13th August – this will be a big event and the organisers are planning to make it an annual extravaganza of all things fishy….we will be running a G&T and cocktail bar at the heart of the festival – for more details, please

Gin and Beer Fest at The Cliff House, Barton-on-Sea – 24th – 28th August with a Dancing Cows gin tasting at 3pm on Monday 28th…..there’s live music, stunning views and great BBQ food….more info at:

Lymington Market: Saturday 26th August.

We also have a programme of Wednesday and Friday evening tours available for booking – visit for more details.

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Craft Brewer and Distiller.

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