Dancing Cows Porter – Try January Free Beer!

On Saturday 14th January, why not come and try our 6.5% Porter for free down at the distillery and brewhouse at Sadlers Farm on Lower Pennington Lane (SO41 8AL and look for the twisted S sign)? We’re open from 10am until about 7pm.

We’re countering ‘Dry January’ with ‘Try January’ – reduce your intake by all means but why not go and try something that you have not tasted before?  Use January to experiment and investigate….drink less ….. but better!

Our Porter is a rich ale filled with chocolate notes and well-balanced hops. At 6.5%, it packs a punch so you may want to bring a designated driver with you.

Porter was developed as a style in the 18th century – it was the first beer that commercial brewers aged in the brewery so that it could be sold immediately it reached the pubs and it became extremely popular as a result.

The commercial success of various porters, particularly those brewed in London, led to significant investment in equipment and process development and huge fermenters and conditioning tanks were built to hold all the porter required. This was not all good news though because in October 1814, a giant fermenter in a brewery in the Tottenham Court Road burst it’s hoops creating a domino effect through the other fermenters resulting in nearly 1.5 million litres of beer gushing down the road. Houses were destroyed and it was fortunate that only eight people died in the flood (they don’t say how many subsequently died of drinking porter to excess in the aftermath….).

And why is it called Porter? It is alleged that the meat porters at Smithfield market would drink several pints of porter a day each and the name stuck….most of the history of beer is steeped in mystery so, who knows, but if it isn’t true…..it should be!



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Craft Brewer and Distiller.

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