Dancing Cows – New Forest Oak-Aged Gin review

Felicity Murray – the Editor of the influential Drinks Report has just reviewed our oak aged gin: “I enjoyed it with tonic and lime because it has all the essential aromas and flavours of a traditional London Dry style gin but with a subtle added edge of vanilla. It has smoothness yet is clean andContinue reading “Dancing Cows – New Forest Oak-Aged Gin review”

Whisky by any other name would smell as sweet – accelerated aging of spirits

Although we’ve voted to leave the EU, we are still governed by its rules and regulations and, I suspect that we will be for some time to come as most of the legislation will be transferred across en bloc to allow the bureaucrats time to unpick things piece-by-piece. In the meantime, whisky (and whiskey) can only beContinue reading “Whisky by any other name would smell as sweet – accelerated aging of spirits”

Marketing – parrot fashion

Not many people have heard of Pattisons’ Whisky these days but in the 1880’s and 1890’s, it was a massive operation. Two dairy farming brothers decided that making whisky was more fun than milking cows and they bought up several distilleries and a brewery. At the peak of their success, Pattisons’ were spending huge amountsContinue reading “Marketing – parrot fashion”