Oak Aged Gin almost ready to launch

We’ve been working on an oak-aged gin for a few weeks now and, after testing it on our Bank Holiday Monday tour visitors, we are getting close to launching it.

Oak-aged gins are making a come-back at the moment – many years ago, lots of gins were aged in oak barrels to allow the spirit to rest but the practice died out and it is only in the last few years with the explosion in demand for new gins that people are starting to experiment with the technique again.

We’ve used a combination of oak sherry cask and American oak chips to give the colour and flavour that we wanted and controlled the time in contact with the chips very carefully and the result is a smooth gin overlaid with vanilla and sherry notes.

We are still trying new recipes but the oak-aged gin does work in a grown-up gin and tonic and the warmer notes also work well with ginger ale…..but we still prefer it naked (the gin- not us!)

Hopefully, we will be releasing our first batch of the New Forest Oak-Aged Gin in the next couple of weeks.

Oak Aged Gin Picture

Published by Dancing Cows

Craft Brewer and Distiller.

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