Our beers

Pony clip

Pony is a 4% deep amber bitter with smoky caramel flavours overlaid with orange marmalade and dark summer fruit notes.


Lighthouse is a 3.8% zesty golden ale brewed with Chinook and Cascade hops.



Admiral is a 4.5% Best Bitter with orange notes from the Mandarina hops.

Our bottled beers:

All of our bottled beers are un-filtered and naturally conditioned. We use a Belgian yeast for secondary fermentation in the bottle and we feel that the yeast adds to the overall flavour sensation of the beers so pour it in and enjoy!

Rye Pale Ale

Rye Pale Ale is the first of our range of naturally-conditioned craft beers in 330ml bottles. It is a pale gold beer brewed with 15% rye malt and a Belgian yeast to create a spicy, citrusy, very refreshing drink at 5.5%.

Our American IPA is a much hoppier beer – 42 IBU for those in the know – it packs a dry, crisp punch balanced by some sweet biscuit maltiness…..it’s the brewer’s favourite at the moment.

Published by Dancing Cows

Craft Brewer and Distiller.

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